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Brochure Design Case Study: Texas Masters of Fine Art and Craft

Tri-Fold Brochure Design

Client: Texas Masters of Fine Art and Craft Show
Website: http://texasmasters.com

The Texas Masters of Fine Art and Craft Exhibition hired 1PixelMatters to design a tri-fold brochure used to market their upcoming exhibition. Presented with some loose guidelines and a hodge podge of different art photos of varying qualities. Some had backgrounds, some had partially been removed from their backgrounds, some were very large…some were very small…about what you would expect when you ask 20 different artists to submit photos of their work. This really was a fun one, getting to work with such beautiful art pieces and having to figure out how to bring them all together in Photoshop.

This project was an urgent one, as the files had to get to the printers in less than 3 days. Most of the time spent was extracting art pieces from their backgrounds and color correcting. The end result was the two files made it to the printer on time and the client responded, “These are the best looking brochures we’ve had, in the eight years we’ve organized the Texas Masters Exhibition!”